Headhunters Continued

(Day IV)

The smell from the eviscerated monster is horrible. Rolf stands and watches as Mackerel closes his eyes and traces a complex design in the air over the hard black-shelled lump. It levitates in the air and becomes wrapped in a incorporeal coccoon.

“Alright, gentleman. What you’re looking at is the liver of an adult Quaraphon. These bigguns eat just about anything they can chase down, which necessitates a filtration organ that can process just about anything. There’s so much protein in a Quaraphon liver that a mouthful’s of it raw is enough to kill a man in an hour. Provided you could crack the carapace. But anyway, the reason we ripped it out this pug-ugly abomination isn’t just for the sake of purifying these here plains. I got wizard buddy in Fentrigal, outside a Southplain. Weird fella, but if I remember correctly the figure he quoted me, it’ll be well worth our while to pay him a visit.”

At night:
Mackerel approaches Max (Huflangdu) and wants to play poker. bet for three hands.
“So, monk: if you were a card, which suit would you be?”
Heart: Asmodeus
Diamond: Mammon
Club: Dispater
Spade: Mephistopheles

Hunt animals for however long until:
Rolf learns about the curse
Mackerel’s Ritual

Headhunters Continued

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