Rescuing Rufus

As soon as you step into the street, a young elf girl, about nine or ten years old runs up to you.

“Mr. Paladin! Mr. Paladin! You have to help! Rufus has been stolen!”

“My doggy Rufus! He’s gold and smart and he got tooken by the… the…”

A man dressed in inexpensive but smart-looking clothes walks forward and pulls the child to her feet. She clings to his legs.

“I’m sorry, Noble Paladin. We heard that there was a paladin in Southplain and she wouldn’t stop bawling until I said we’d go into town to make her stop. She ran over before I could catch her.”

The man sighs heavily. He speaks quietly so the child can’t hear. “Her dog was stolen while she was at school. The maid saw it all. She heard the dog barking, and went to the window in time to see a creature with the head of a beast and the legs of a man stuffing the dog into a bag and going over the fence.”

“It’s not the first time, not the first pet. Three dogs disappeared last month, and now I think we know why.”

“We live on the east end of town, the maid said she saw them heading that way.”

“I can’t offer much, we are not a wealthy family. However, I give you my word I will find some way to reward you if you can put an end to this terror.”

Roll once on Mid-level Plains Encounter Table

You reach the woods.

spot 15 sees torn clumps of fur on branch. Track DC 15 can follow the trail.

After 10 minutes of following a trail of track, broken sticks and the occasional tuft of fur, the tracks end abruptly.

Spot 10: The leaves here don’t look right. Brush them aside, bare ground. Detect Magic finds a circular illusion on the patch of ground.

Jump on spot: hear hollow

Search 20: There is a strange metal wire poking up about an inch from the earth.
Mad Science 5: This is a component used to connect gizmos.
(-5 to search)
Search 25: The tree closest to the center has a fake arm that twists down and opens the secret door.

Knowledge(nature) 15: That tree doesn’t look quite right… (-10 to search)

You hear a rumble, the illusion over the soil dissolves and stairs attached to a central axis start to clank into place.

After a minute, you hear the same rumble and illusion reappears over the hole.

Disable Device/Mad Science 18: disables switch, door cannot open. If attacked, 2 Miscellaneous Mad Science Components can be found.

There is a five foot staircase at the bottom of the stairs. Very sturdy looking metal brackets form the hallway.

Spot 15 notices strange black orb in upper corner. Spellcraft/Mad Science 15 finds Divination spell/wires leading down hallway.
Spot/Search 20: switch with up arrow on it by stairs.

The hallway splits into two paths.

Room A or Room B

10 flights of staircases lead the party down into the earth. One turn and about fifty feet later there is an open door that leads into a well lit room 50×50×30.
Along one side of the room a 20 foot staircase leads to a metal platform attached to two massive drums with wires and tubing between them
In the other corner are large wooden boxes. There are doors like the one you just came through on each side. of the room.

From the upper top door: (2)4 Gnolls (throw a dog into the vat)
From the lower top door: (2)4 Gnolls
From the entrance door: 2(4) Gnolls

(Attack ferociously, never back off)

Every 2 rounds, the machine spits out a Gnoll.

3 Dwarves hide behind boxes with crossbows, 3 more enter with nets and clubs

After 5 rounds, dawrves release Dire Boar

Special Stuff

Vat: If someone is pushed into vat, reflex save 15 or falls in, 1d6 scalding damage. Swim check 20 to not be pulled under by propellers.
If pulled under, character gains 2 insanity and emerges as a gnoll 2 turns later.

to get to other side of vat: Jump DC 22 or Balance Check 17. Fail: fall into tank. Crit. fail: knock head, fortitude save 15 or is pulled into tank automatically.

Spits out a Gnoll every other turn.
Mad Science/Disable Device 20/15 damage: full-round action, provokes AoO, make Concentrate check 12 if damaged: powers machine off.
Hit with metal weapon/Under 5: 1d8 electric damage, stunned one round.
Climb 15: two rounds from ground, one round from vat platform.

From top of turbine to observation platform: Jump DC 16. Between 10 and 15 gets reflex save 15 to grab ledge of platform.

Far door: Scientifically locked. Control Panel: four color Mastermind.

Door code: Red Green Black Green Green.
For every five on a Mad Science or Disable Device roll, reveal one part of the combination. Standard action to attempt code.
Behind door is 20 foot staircase up to Laboratory.


Two dwarf bodyguards with +1 Club of Shocks (1d6 +1d6 electric) and Dr. Crankwart.

Search roll 25: there is a hidden door behind bookshelf, leads to an entrance to the Great Tunnel

Rescuing Rufus

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