Tin Drum Inn

2 gp a night. 1 gp for ale.

Ramone’s Fur Shop

sells Skin Armor

Masters General Store

The basics


The basics

Search/Knowledge(local): 18

Mr. Alley’s Emporium


House Callin

“Master Callin isn’t home. He’s in Downthorp getting his suit made for the parade next week. But he enchanted the box so that only he or the right person could open the box.”

Regency House

“Oh, you’ve returned. I see your friends weren’t so lucky. Glad to see you back in Southplain. You probably no more than I, but the continent is aflame. To the north and west, the halflings. And even reports of orcs. Whole villages destroyed. And there’s some strange sickness in the east. I fear it’s only a matter of time before Southplain is consumed. I’d feel much safer with some back-up plan. Tell me, do you have any news from your travels?”

“Well, as I said, it’s been strangely calm. Oh, silly me. Just three days ago Wizard Regent Ryat submitted an aid request. I’d think he’d like to talk to you.”

Wizard’s Tower

Stolen items

Gather Information

contacts: (+2 on GI)

  • bartender Crog. gives drinks for free and rooms half price.
  • street kid Emma. has influence over all the children in the town.
  • Ramone. Owns fur shop. Asks for 500 piece investment to upgrade business.

10: there’s a lot of excitement in town, the anniversary parade is next week.
15: all of the wizards and the house lords will be riding on floats.
20: There has been trouble in House Callin. Master Callin recently divorced his old wife and children’s mother for a women half his age. The house has been pitched in scandal.

Samovari Blagtooth
From a lawful, reputable character:
5: I know Sam Blacktooth. He sells shoes in Southport on Monger Street!
10: I’ve never heard of him.
20: Hmm? Oh yes, I’ve heard the name. Large fellow? I’ve seen him in town once, but I stayed away from him.

From an underground character:
5: Yarr. The bastard’s in Oxdammeler. Always is this time of year.
6-14: Eh, piss off.
15: Blagtooth? You don’t want nothing to do with a
bastard like him. (Reveals he is a slaver)
20: Aye, you got business with Blagtooth? Heard he’s heading this way.
25: Now that you mention it, I remember him saying
he had business in… (town)

5: I’ve only seen them in stories, sorry.
10: What you want a dwarf for? I wouldn’t trust em as far as I could shoot him out a cannon!
15: Oh yeah, see them around from time to time. A group will come in, load a carry with provisions, pay and leave before you can count the money. Must have a hidey spot nearby.
20: They do some trade here sometime. Told me once they post in the quarry half day east of here.

Other stuff


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