Samovari Blagtooth

Samovari Blagtooth
Lvl 9 fighter
HP: 65
AC: 23
Attack: Gyrspike, two attacks per turn, 13 1d8/8 1d8
+2 bonus to disarm

Day 1-5 heading north from Newport to Oxdam
6-8 in Oxdam drinking
9-14 continues north to stronghold
15 at estate/stronghold 1 day east from Southplain
16-24 traveling through halfling territory slaving
25-30 brings slaves to black market in Centoria

From a lawful, reputable character:

GI: 20 Isn’t there an officer in the NRO by the name of
Blagtooth? (Newland Regency Ordus)

From an underground character:
GI 15: Blagtooth? You don’t want nothing to do with a
bastard like him. (Reveals he is a slaver)

GI 20: Aye, I’ve seen him. He came through here three
weeks ago, swaggered into town demanding…
(a few days behind)
GI 25: Now that you mention it, I remember him saying
he had business in… (town)

Oxdammeler is four days journey to the south (12 rolls)

Samovari Blagtooth

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